In the end of you take care, you can happy or unhappy anywhere…'

A year ago, someone did something that nobody had ever done for me before. Someone gave up everything- their family, their job, their pets, their comforts- to move here to be with me. For me. And never did they throw it back in my face or hold me to ransom. It has been the single greatest act of kindness a human being has dedicated to me.

Now I know for many people this is no big deal. People do this all the time. Move for others, with others. But not me. Nobody had ever done it for me. Many times in the past, I knew if it ever came to this, I would do it. I would give it all up for love. But then life showed me that I was the only one prepared to sacrifice anything. Everyone I chose to love, would give nothing. And so, one just grows a hide of leather and learns to expect lesser and lesser from loved ones.

Then this happens. This single great act of kindness and I am suddenly terrified. For the first time I can see that I have grown up and with it does not come greater courage, but greater cowardice. I’m not so brave anymore. There are unforeseen risks involved that I was blind to before and yet, something beckons. Something tells me to just dive into life and trust that I will find my safety net. Something tells me its OK to let yourself free fall because, ‘In the end of you take care, you can happy or unhappy anywhere…’*

*Line take from One Place – EBTG

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  1. Isha says:

    You are lucky to have someone to love you like this ! 🙂 Touch wood…sometimes this can end up being a never ending search !


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