‘What is more humiliating than finding the object of your love unworthy?’ – JW

once i told you about a woman i was seeing
last time we talked in fact
do you remember

A: the one is bombay who was married before and her family is really tough on her?
A: yeah of course i do

do you also remember what you told me about it
the relationship?

A: ummm yeah thatpeople u love shd fight to be with you if they really love you

i left her

A: good am glad are u feeling better?

you know why i am asking

A: no why?

because i need to reminded why i did this incredibly difficult thing
i need to be be reminded, that is why i asked

A: beacuse you have always been involved in messy relationships and you should start moving towards clearer relationships that give you back as much as you give it

A:beacuse you are worth it and u should have someone who loves u as passionately and intensely

i am trying to believe in that
just needed to remember
that’s all

A: but it is the truth …cozur always going out of your way to be there for the ones u love and somehow they never seem to have the courage or the commitment to do the same for you

because i’ve never known these things
i have never had that

A: hugzzzzzzzz …i think now that you’ve said ‘no’ to an unequal relationshup you’re on your way to an equal relationship …i truly believe that

i wanted to tell you
i wanted you to know
thank you for remembering and reminding


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