'Life is worth nothing if it is not worth everything.'

I am sitting here just thinking of all the things that have gone wrong in my life over the last few months. It is easy to blame- others, or myself- but it solves and resolves nothing. I am still poorer from having lost what I have loved deeply and richer for the experience. Funny though, even with all these experiences, I feel like I have learned nothing but how easy it is to hurt me. And how so many times I am the one doing the hurting.

I give everything away and never truly known or understood self-preservation until very recently when I had to choose beetween love and life. I chose life. Did it make me feel good? No, not for one moment. I wept like a baby. I wept like a widow. I wept like I had lost everything, and in a sense I had.

The only solace I derive is from the thought that by walking away from the person I loved above all others, I might have saved myself from certain insanity. Love can make you do that. Love can make you go mad. In fact, I believe only love can truly do that.

I heard it said that too much love can kill you, but here I am wondering how I am still alive.

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