Hibernate and Reboot

‘A strange silence drowned her nights and burned her days. It was a silence she had never heard before, touched before. It smelt almost like fear, but not quite so musty. This made her fear it even more than fear. She sat still in the darkest corner because it was the most obvious thing to do. Moreover, it was the only thing she could do. Darkness shrouded her like wasted memory. She wallowed in it with the pleasure of a person who’s sure to die.’

(courtesy: http://shubhodeep.blogspot.com/)

I am alone. My last link to hope, to possibility, now undone.

I feel it, the space that has suddenly widened; that gives me no sense of freedom as it might, as it could. It only makes me feel incredibly small in the midst of the absence of everything and everyone.

In the end, I’m right back at the beginning and I feel terribly alone. Desperately alone. I don’t know where to start… anything.

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