Sometimes you meet a person who just makes you bloom. Somebody who, from the word go, just makes you unfurl, shine and blossom. Flowers close at sunset, and once these special someones are gone, you too find yourself return to the earth and hide behind shadows.

I saw this picture and it reminded of that, of those people. Who made me feel so incredibly full of life and who ultimately walked away. Maybe that was their lot and that’s all right. I don’t hold it against them. But how I miss how it made me feel. Even for those few days, hours and minutes, to feel as close it might ever get to God while you were still alive. That is how divine it was…

The picture makes me think of how the light promises to fade out on even the most beautiful things in life. It also tells me that it’s okay. Because there is beauty even in darkness and it is a beauty that can live forever. The sort of beauty that you do not need eyes for. The kind that does not judge or expect or promise, but rather just exists. And if you want, you can dance with the shadows, nestle in the embrace of the dark, or collapse dreamlessly in love with the sleep that always awaits your falling.

Patrick Winfield fade out (memory), 2006
polaroid Spectra film on board
h:12 w:12 inches


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