This, is the power of music

I’m no gizmo geek or gadget freak but I adore my music and I need to have it with me on demand. And these days, preferably on my phone. I was always a hardcore, Nokia user, enthusiast, loyalist, defender and fan. Basically, I am just very intimidated by technology and still think by owning a flat screen TV and choosing a laptop over a desktop PC, I have arrived in the New World.

I had no inclination whatsoever to unlearn the blindfold technique of a Nokia handset in order to switch to a brand that might be cooler, hipper, have more features, is more value for money, is on sale, will fit into my bra strap, is a chick magnet, or could shred clothes with a single flick of my wrist. Or even for that matter, one that had a superior music player.

Then I happen to see/hear this and something happens to me.

This, is the power of music.

Today I use the Sony Ericsson W830i. Sure there are a few fumbles textually which sound abusive sexually, but otherwise it was a very OK switch from a Nokia. But why am I telling you this?

I don’t know.

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