Today, I set fire to love.
It was our funeral.
I would have invited you
But you were the one I was burning.

I just wanted to thank you for giving me reasons to let go of the guilt that engulfed me day and night for the past thirty days.

I want to thank you for the relief I feel, for the anger I have found that has replaced the deep, gnawing pain. The fury that has given me the courage to destroy whatever else I had so stupidly held on to.

I want to thank you for setting me free from your cowardice which never let you love with all the beauty you possessed. Free from the demons and fears which you let eat you alive and crush your dreams time and again. From your half-truths and stubborn loyalties which finally pushed me away the final time.

It is so much easier to hate what you have done
than to love you despite what you could not.

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