'It may be best to play the waiting game.'

Is it so difficult to understand? I ask because people don’t seem to get it. They get irritable when I mention it. They tell me to stop talking, obsessing and moping, to get on with my life. So I have stopped talking to people. Instead I listen to a 20-minute hyponist guide to meditation on tape each evening and fall asleep trying to convince myself into believing I have high self-esteem. Apparently in 30 days I will know if I think I am a superhero or still garbage.

But I love the part where he says we shouldn’t be listening to the tape while driving because it asks you to close your eyes. Evidently, there has been some unfortunate incident for this man to make such an inane statement.

God. Americans.

I am still missing you. And writing is not making it feel any better nor is it being much of a distraction. But sometimes we just need to do what we need to do.

Before I go, look at what the horoscope had to say today:

Is your current love interest out of town? If so, you may spend much of the day feeling lonely and gloomy. Your friend misses you, too, so don’t think you’ll be alone for very long. Try to fill the hours until your partner’s return with activities that you love, such as artistic pursuits. The time should then go quickly, and you’ll be back together before you know it. Hang in there!’

Yeah, right. I’m going back to the self-esteem tape. While driving.

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