Entry for November 23, 2007

“If you had to ask me, I am not afraid of my mum, I am not even afraid of my father. But my sister? I am terrified of her.”

A man said this to his girlfriend at lunch today. I was there when he said it. She laughed at him, her big strong man who protected and defended her. Who always made her feel so safe. The guy who others didn’t dare pick fights with.

I am that man’s sister.

I know that fear stems from that which we are ignorant of; things that are unknown and unfamiliar with. If he fears me, it is because he does not know or understand me. That hit me like a sack of bricks today.

He is my only sibling. After my parents die, possibly my only family. And he does not know me. I wish there were some way I could explain how this fear is far worse than any he might have. That his fear is repairable but mine, if not checked, will foretell my future with my family.

I want to say, don’t be scared. I am a friend. Stay by me. We are all we have as reminders of our pasts and it is so very important we never forget that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know how you feel. My younger brother is a bit scared of me too. I wish he wasn’t too.


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