On any basic, regular mobile phone, you will find a speed dial function. For those who are not as tech savvy (as if speed dial is brain surgery), speed dial is when you can assign a certain person’s phone number to just one numeral on your keypad. 1 is always to go to voicemail but that leaves you with digits 2-9. No, zero doesn’t count. Yes, I’m sure.

At one point in time, I had every digit assigned. Imagine that. 8 people who I was in constant touch with – not including colleagues. And 8 people who were in constant touch with me, so yes, it was mutual. That seems like a long time ago now because I have 4 speed dial numbers on my mobile phone. 2 belong to my parents, another to my therapist. And one for a special friend I speak to every day. But that is about it.

Things are so different now. I was sad for a moment when I realised it, but it’s okay, I said. Let it go. You’ve already given up on so much, why should it matter? This is nothingstuff.

The other day I received an email from an acquaintance, or rather, closer to friend. She told me she gave away her mobile phone to someone- the whole thing, piece as well as the SIM card and her number. A month later she asked her friend if anyone had called for her. Nobody had.

When I read that, I was torn up inside. I put myself in her shoes and felt for that second how it must have been to know that nobody cared to contact you in over 30 days. I told myself I’d call her immediately, but she has no number. She gave the phone away.

Her speed dial would have been 7.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its nice to see you writing on ur blog for a change. It does give a glimpse of your life.


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