Conversations with a scientist

gorgeous_as_ever: this is the romance of thinking with your hands
gorgeous_as_ever: it’s the element of unexpectedness
Me: so, when we make love
Me: it is like that
Me: thinking with the hands
Me: you’re right
gorgeous_as_ever: if you map the movements each part of the body makes when making love, it would be the most incredible discovery!
gorgeous_as_ever: it would be a fluid, organic shape that traces over itself for a while and then doesn’t and then does
Me: intermittent
gorgeous_as_ever: yes exactly
Me: like the windshield wiper
gorgeous_as_ever: but not as predictable
gorgeous_as_ever: the map sort of has a life of it’s own
Me: no
Me: never predictable
gorgeous_as_ever: we have the most sensuous conversations
gorgeous_as_ever: you know?
Me: i do know
Me: believe me, i know

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