Cryptic Moth

‘I don’t want a girlfriend. I want a girl. I don’t want what society says I need to posses and treat as an object. I want a companion. I want to wake up with her realizing we fell asleep in the middle of nowhere talking about who-knows-what. I want someone with a smile because she enjoys life, not because she pretends. Someone levelheaded but not clinical. Someone positive but not unrealistic. Someone smart enough to have a good time without getting trashed or stoned. Someone that isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. I want the girl that is beautiful for herself. The girl that doesn’t have to dress like a whore in order to feel attractive. The girl that can go out in public in sweats and no makeup, and not have a ruined day because of it. I want someone stable to build a relationship with. I’ve probably already met her, but I’m terrible at the whole “does she like me? was that a signal?” stuff. If you see yourself as fitting the description, want a person that will do their best to make you happy despite their many flaws, please reply. Thanks.’

– Anonymous
courtesy Social Moth; Facebook

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