Stuck in a moment and can't get out of it

It’s everywhere.

Clips forgotten and pencils strewn, kohl-smudged tubs of coconut flavoured lip balm and clothing odds, a comb and paper bits. Remnants of personal habits. Memories of individual quirks. Ugly reminders of a human being I want to forget; the evidence is regurgitating all over my home, my space which I want to make sacred once more. And mine alone.

I should never have let you in. Home and heart. I pay the price in loss of face, faith and friendship. You are gone and I am wondering if you were ever here at all. But then I discover a lost sock under the laundry hamper and it all comes back to me again. Yes, you were here. And then you left.

I remember it all. Every bit of it. And that is the part I hate the most.

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