What does it take to let go? The impossible.

What does it take to let go?

Is it a physical release of something, some invisible matter, some atomic mass?
Does it entail the severing of tangible emotions? Like pain? Like fear? Like panic?
Is it a ritual? Lighting of candles and incense? A verbal incantation to be released?
But from what? From whom?

What does it take to let go?

It takes courage.
Because it is like giving up the light and choosing to walk in the dark.
Because it is surrendering yourself to yourself and letting whatever happen, happen.
Because it involves trust- that should you fall, and you probably will – that you won’t get hurt as badly as you think.
Because it means being alone.

What does it take to let go?

Something I do not possess. Something I never learned. Something I do not understand. Something impossible.

Life is trying to tell me something. I have only just begun to hear. Soon, I will learn to listen. Then I will gather the courage to let go. And one day, I will tell someone this story and show them what life is trying so hard to teach me today.

One day.

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