ode to rain

The monsoon is so full of hope, pregnant with possibility.

Rain is both creator and destroyer. It washes the fresh wounds of our time and gently reveals the surface anew. It wipes the slate clean and gives us a second chance. It conspires with our desperation to forget by leading us into a spellbinding calmness that invites, among other things, a deep, healing slumber. Rain is the bringer of new things.
It tells us, ‘begin again. I will help by clearing the past from your eyes.’

But we are not as generous as the rain. And especially not with our own selves.

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  1. PD says:

    Especially when you start realizing that you are not growing any younger as the days wash by 😉


  2. Anonymous says:

    I like the sentence “The monsoons are so full of hope, pregnant with possibility”.Monsoons always trigger hope and provoke emotions in me.Very nice thoughts you have penned down.


  3. Anonymous says:

    i loved the last two lines. hopped over from Izzy’s page… will be back!


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