for my lover

my baby, you kill me. you kill me, my baby.
with your precious words, your precocious ways.
the flick of your wrist, the sting of your nails.

my baby, you leave me. you leave me, my baby.
with sorrow and silence, echoes in emptiness.
the ache of your sex, in the throb of my head.

you drown me, my baby
in the mass of your mane, in the howl of your name.
in the midst of the night, at the crack of the day.

i’m under, my baby.
i’m underneath now.
when you’re ready to find me, i’ll be in the ground.

come looking, my baby.
come find me, come wake me.
i will wait until then to breathe again.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Rosa says:

    …am waiting… for you to surface… to reveal yourself… exhausted to the deep heart’s core…


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