Entry for August 14, 2006

i can see it, so clearly. that we could make each other a life. that we just might save each other. but i am so broken. so undone. i didn’t even know how bad it was until i bent down to pick up the pieces of me- my life, my breaking heart and found that i couldn’t get back up.

(illustration copyright Hugh McLeod http://www.gapingvoid.com)

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  1. Sharmila C says:

    then let me pick them up for you…let me….


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice depiction of emotions !! You may be broken inside but certainly you are not undone……..you are beautiful both outside as well as inside. And deep inside you, something stirs……and you know that’s your essence which is alive and active…..which gives words to your emotions.YOu can get thru this difficult phase…I know you will. Everything has a tenure. This too shalt pass !! Absorb courage from your beauty and emotions. :)Binz


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