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  1. Anonymous says:

    truth…the pain only make us to feel love…bob


  2. Anonymous says:

    mmmmmmm why the lips have a spectrum of colours..are they the clouds befor the drizzle..drizzle of love which calm our inner heat for that unkown..


  3. Basak says:

    that is really what i think. absolute.


  4. Mmmmmmmmmm says:

    no, i believe there is no love without pain. for love to be true it will have to break something within you first. for love to live, it has to kill you first. how many times have i fallen, broken and deceased? how many times have i risen only to be scorched again? it is a choice i seem to make every time. when will i learn to say no?


  5. Basak says:

    Love is like walking through a long divided path which repels like magnets creating a obscured field, of pain and joy, encumbered by a horizon we all dream (or dire) to reach one day. but, who has been to the horizon? and how does one realise they’ve reached? it’s all an illusion. it’s all mohmaya! i just sit back a close my eyes. let the sides to their job they’re best at.


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