Here are 31 things about me. Or one for every year I have been alive.


  1. I love Wuthering Heights. It’s my favourite novel. I also love mot of all what Jeanette Winterson has written. I can totally connect to the way she feels. I adore Anne Tyler- I love how she looks into people. A great observer of what is often mistaken as the mundane. I don’t care for short stories too much at all. I am sure it is directly connected with my gluttony for fine literature and women. Another very favourite novel is Rohinton Mistry’s ‘A Fine Balance’. It’s a big fat book, which can it intimidating at first, but once you start, it only makes you wish it were bigger and fatter and longer. Another book remarkable by its sheer brilliance of plot, style and intricacy is A S Byatt’s ‘Possession’. I just don’t like the Romantic poets- Shelly, Keats, Byron. Such a bunch of wilting violets. Forever crying.

  2. My tastes in music are hard to describe. I like what many people now refer to as alternative, but I don’t think it really is. I LOVE Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac, Sarah McLachlan, Clannad, Everything but the Girl… stuff like that. I also LOVE lounge and club music. I don’t know if I have a favourite song but if I HAD to choose I would say Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

  3. I dislike modern art and modern houses and architecture. I love homes made from wood, stone and glass.

  4. I love warm colours. Red is my favourite but you wouldn’t catch me dead in orange. I really dislike it. I have orange curtains in my room and I loathe them but the look nice so I let it be. I am also partial to green and black. Given the choice I would live in the country.

  5. I prefer bikes to cars but if I had to drive it would be a jeep

  6. I make collages mostly using words. People usually don’t know what they’re about. I find that I am most morbid when I make collages. It has self-loathing written all over it.

  7. I have begun to like pink. I love commercial and street art. I love books that explain logic to me. I love chocolate. I am a choc fiend. My toothbrush is ALWAYS transparent, sometimes coloured transparent but mostly just transparent. I love leather and not in the S&M kind of way.

  8. I am scarily neat.

  9. I smell nice. Always. I love musky, woody, spicy smells over flowery scents. I love bergamot, peppermint, vanilla, peach, cherry, musk.. that kind of thing.

  10. I am nuts about cats.

  11. I have an addictive personality. If I like something, I can get stuck to it for months. Example: I have very conservative tastes in lingerie. In fact most of it looks exactly the same. I buy multiples of the same thing.

  12. Each time I buy something I give something away.

  13. I have a very soft spot for the elderly. I am even more sympathetic towards them than I am towards children or animals.

  14. I love breakfast. I don’t like sodas.

  15. My hair is naturally wavy but when it’s really short its so straight that no one believes me. Also, people think I get my hair colouring done professionally. Why would anyone want salt and pepper hair? It sounds like such a retarded thing to do.

  16. I get very angry when people shout at me. And when people get hysterical I feel my blood simmer. They make me very nervous and edgy.

  17. I think Indian food is the best food in the world.

  18. I can cook. But if you tell anyone else, I will kill you.

  19. But I have no fucking clue how to cook rice. Or dal. Go figure.

  20. At this point in time, I love pancakes but that might change. Right now I am also fixated on vanilla custard.

  21. I adore potatoes and I love bread so much I can eat it on its own. It’s obviously a starch thing.

  22. Music can make me feel EVERYTHING.

  23. I create music videos in my head.

  24. I fantasise a lot. But only when I am NOT single.

  25. I am an extremely sensual person.

  26. I am an 80s music freak. I know so much and I don’t even know HOW I came to know so much. My subconscious must have picking up loads of data without my even noticing.

  27. Sometimes, I am frighteningly intuitive.

  28. I am not afraid of dying – but I am terrified at the thought of being buried alive or drowning.

  29. I am VERY fussy about food so being vegan is just not a possibility for me. However, I do like soy. But I will NOT eat pork.

  30. I want desperately to see more of the world. I have just not seen enough. Ditto studying.

  31. I always wanted to be a university professor of Literature.

p.s. I hate cheerleaders too. If I should ever take up a life of serial killing, these would make ideal targets.

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