Tell me,

What is it that makes us do what we do? Is it a stirring within that propels us to act and speak certain things and a certain way? There is this energy, a connector that exists despite us and our acknowledgment of it. There is a witnessed invisibility, a heard sound, a definite knowing.

Did love flee? No, I think it’s still here. It’s here inside of me and it fights to get out. It pushes against the walls and screams silently in the dark chasm within. I won’t let it out again for a while. It is a wild and reckless. It is strong and rebellious. It is painful and desperate. It is untamed, hungry, and needy. It is parasitic and devours the most fleeting, fickle attention it receives. It is a love that begs, a love that pleads to be kept and held and respected. Although that seems too much to ask. This love settles for less and even lesser.Like you, like your beauty, love is timeless.

I am saddened by the dawning realisation that when you meet people and establish a relationship with them, an end is almost imminent. They seem to expect it. They seem to understand the unspoken rule that is ultimately going to end. And I am thinking- how come I don’t know about this or understand it? Where was I when they taught this at the Life and LoveSchool? There must be someone who believes that when you enter a relationship, and especially that once-in-a-lifetime one, it is with the intention for ever? No?


Why can’t you do anything about it? Why can’t you come back, take me back, bring me back and stay like nobody else ever did?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Simply beautiful 🙂


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