Soulsearching Souls I, II, III

Soulsearching Souls I:

Emboldened and empty

By the echoing chasm of a language,

I have been destruction.

I have been deception.

I am hurt. I have been human.

Earthened and ridden with the dust of pasts,

Now unrecognized.


Soulsearching Souls II:


So unlike the fluid that creates you.

Your word more liquid;

beyond the ink they are created in.

Wash me over.

Bathe me, bringing me under into lushness,

Gasping for breath within a deep,

warm, resplendent energy. 

Soulsearching Souls III: 


Do I deign to seek you?

The shelter sought in your acceptance

of all I am?

To bask in the safety of the embrace

of what we have stumbled upon?

Beneath the canopy

of lost, searching souls? 

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