Tea trilogy I

There is so much to lose in a cup of tea.
As it simmers, boiling silently,
I watch, remembering forgotten thoughts
I watch, finding feelings thought lost
Taking and giving of myself anew
I am looking for answers in this dark, soulful brew.

The flames lick up, whipping the sides.
The seconds tick on, the minutes glide by
And you lay a slumber, unaware, unknowing
Of what I am thinking, my thoughts freely flowing.
You are behind your door not metres from me
Not eight steps away from my silent reverie.

I am thinking of numbers, of time and its tests,
My angel, as you sleep, as you revel in your rest.
What know you of the peril which nests
Uneasily inside my wing-beating chest?
It is cruel and fleeting as time always is,
In a moment I’ve tasted and lost the warmth of your lips.

And where did they go- the moments in between?
What is there to show for that which is unseen?
A lonely old song written for you
Hums into the darkness singing of a hue.
It’s just as well that I call you as I do
For even when you leave, you will leave me only Blue.

There is so much to lose in a cup of tea.
I’m losing you. I already lost me.

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