Brain Fever Kiss

I’ve got your lips stuck on the inside of my head.

It’s a strange place for a mouth to be
Certainly, and not respectfully.

It was as if, when you withdrew
You left behind an imprint of you
That made its place upon my mouth
And followed north instead of staying south.

I find this awesome and curious tattoo
Between my eyes that don’t move off you.
Each time I blink
The thought that I think
Seems only to sink
Further away from where I began
And sang without a word
And yet I heard
And what is it that I heard?
Like silk unfurled
And an amber scent
That went
Even where my nose did not intend.

It is all trapped inside, you see
The kiss that laid the snare for me
That stole my bold-ness,
sleep and fallacy.
I blame curiosity
Not necessity

Perhaps the hunger for some ecstasy
So here is this kiss that does not leave.
Do I grieve, seek reprieve?
Do I bury my head in the sand once more?
And deny fact for folklore?

Your mouth has adhered to this funny place.
I wonder how you look without it on your face.

But I put it back and turn away.
It belongs to the past, not here where I stay.

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