A loan, of sorts – Bombay, May 2003

I lend you my ears to listen to the truths that wound.

I lend you my hands to hold your own.

I lend you shoulders to carry this burden.


I lend you my arms to fall into.

I lend you my eyes to weep your tears.

I lend you my words to empty your silence.


I lend you mind to worry in your stead.

I lend you my heart to be broken.

I lend you my dreams so may see your future.


I lend you my instinct that it may speak to you

I lend you my belief to stand as your wall.

I lend you my faith to move your mountains.


I lend you, my God.

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  1. oolszimp says:

    i could really really use that instinct right now. mine, warned me and left me. and now i am a wary cat, suspicious of everyone and everything.


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