4th June, 2004

Layer upon liar upon lie upon her.
Scratch, scratch here.
Deepen the wound,
Give it flesh and blood.
Breathe life into it and see.
I will you to see
That there is nothing and everything
Beneath this brittle surface
So easily torn away by fingernails
Still, you dig
Like a dog for the bone
When there’s none- there isn’t the one.
Believe me, it will
Relieve you,
It’s true.
But you won’t. You don’t.

Child, friend, look at me: See the nothing and the everything
All at once. Take this instead
Take this all-of-it and make it yours.
I deny you nothing. I deny you never.
I give you my all-there-is.
Enough and more than
To fill your hungry eyes
That you may be fed once and for all and
Starve nevermore.

Turn. I am now-here.

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